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sstar frp manufacturer of frp products. The Frp frame viwe size of: 4" x 3" and frp skin thick 2mm fix for finish goods.Frp door thick 30mm,frp skin thick 2mm door furniture accessorie for all wooden door accessories.The showing Rates excluded tax.
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Frp Door

DA001 ₹280* Sq.Feet DB002₹240* Sq.Feet DC003₹205* Sq.Feet

Frp Frame

FA001₹180* R.FeetFB002₹150* R.Feet FC003₹135* R.Feet

Frp Sheet

SPG001₹55* Sq.Feet Per mm SRA₹45* Sq.Feet Per mm SRG₹40* Sq.Feet Per mm

Frp Coating & Lining

Waterproof Coating ₹60* Sq.Feet per mm Acid proof Coating Rate ₹85* Sq.Feet per mm